Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday. Sure, for adults it’s a prescribed time to appreciate our romantic loves, but for kids, it’s just a day to show friends and family that they are special and loved. Crafting is a wonderful way to celebrate the day, since nothing says love and appreciation like something made with little hands and big hearts.

So whether you have a little toddler, a pre-teen eager for their freedom or you’re a big kid at heart, we have some great Valentine’s Day crafts for kids of all ages!

Origami message heart with wings

Tutorial at ChicaCircle

This project is perfect for older kids, since the folds have to be sharp and precise. In just 15 steps, your kid can create personalised Valentine’s Day cards for their friends and classmates, complete with individual messages tucked inside.

Glitter rock valentines

Tutorial at The Artful Parent

Another great way to make sure your kid’s valentines stand out in the ‘bought from the shop the night before’ crowd are these gorgeous glitter rocks. Paint a heart shape with normal PVA glue onto a rock with a flat surface. Drown that bad boy in glitter – in a bowl, so glitter doesn’t take over your home. Then, once the glue is dry, knock the loose glitter off. You could then cover the rock with a finishing varnish like Modge Podge if you wanted it to be extra-durable, but that’s up to you.

Heart butterfly magnet

Tutorial at Activity Village

The heart butterfly magnet is a cute way to brighten up anyone’s fridge or filing cabinet. Simply glue foam hearts together in the right pattern, and you’ll have a cheery little lovebug to bring a smile to someone special’s face. And if they want to get creative, kids can make all sorts of things: loveworms, lady birds and whatever else pops into their brilliant minds.

Rainbow heart crayons

Tutorial at Chef Messy

We’ve got to be honest: we want to do this one just for us. Chop up crayons in your choice of colours, dump them into a heart-shaped silicon mould and bake at about 120°C for 10-15 minutes. Let them cool, and pop out rainbow-coloured, heart crayons. It’s a great way to use up old crayons, and it looks amazing.

Cardboard heart stamp picture

Tutorial at Housing a Forest

Oh, toddlers. They love getting messy and making marks, but their limited fine motor skills mean they can’t really draw all that well. But that shouldn’t keep them from making amazing Valentine’s Day crafts. It just means you have to get creative. And that’s why this craft is so great. You take some old cardboard tubes and bend them into a heart shape. Slip a rubber band or hair tie around it for extra stability, if you want, then give your child some paint. She’ll do the rest, stamping the paper with all the little hearts she wants.

Coffee filter heart garland

Tutorial at Warm Hot Chocolate

The description of this craft is nowhere near as gorgeous as the end result, trust us. You take coffee filters (or any absorbent, thin paper) and cut it into heart shapes. You then either thin out some water colours or food dye with water. Dip part of the heart into the bowl of water until it absorbs as much colour as you want, then take the heart out and lay it flat to dry. Before it dries, you can add intense spots of colour by dripping the undiluted food dye or water colours onto the hearts. Once they’re all dry, string them together with a needle and thread, and hang them with pride.

3D Star Wars valentine

Tutorial at Keeping it Simple

This craft will take some effort on your part, but the end result will make your little Jedi (or, if he’s hungry, Sith) so excited, you won’t mind. Take a photo of your kid in his or her favourite Star Wars outfit, holding a lightsaber, and in your photo editing software of choice, add a Valentine’s Day message. Print off the number of cards you want to make. Cut a small slit at the top of the lightsaber handle, and slip in a glow stick. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your kid’s happy dance.

A-doily-able shirts

Tutorial at Living my Life on Purpose
This tutorial is extra because, frankly, it doesn’t need to be all that complicated. Essentially, you’re just placing a doily on a t-shirt and carefully dabbing fabric paint onto the shirt, using the doily as a stencil. It’s dead easy at its simplest, but it’s good to know you can make it more difficult if you or your child is a serious crafter.

Finger painting

Tutorial at As Time Flies

Another great option for parents of toddlers (or kids who aren’t necessarily that artistically gifted), this project looks the business but isn’t all that difficult. You simply take some tape (painter’s tape is nice and gentle, but any tape will do) and put it on a canvas or some paper to spell out ‘love’. Then you let your toddler finger paint all over the place. Pull off the tape, and hey presto, you’ve got some beautiful handmade art.

Crystal heart ornaments

Tutorial at ChicaCircle

It might look like a frilly little project, but this tutorial is all about the science, so your kids can learn as they craft. Gather together the following items: some borax, glass jars, pipe cleaners, sticks and yarn. If you want the crystals to have a colour, get some food dye, too. Shape the pipe cleaners, and attach each pipe cleaner to a stick with the yarn. Fill a glass jar with boiling water, and dissolve about 1/3 a cup of borax into the water. Add in the food colouring if you like. Place the stick on the lip of the jar so the shapes hang suspended in the solution, and leave them overnight. Pull them out, and talk about how crystals form in nature.

These ten lovely Valentine’s Day crafts for kids run the gamut, from easy to challenging, from purely decorative to scientific. You should be able to find one that your kid will love – and that you’ll be proud to show off. Most importantly, however, you’ll have fun doing these crafts together, and that’s what makes them really special.

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