The Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer

The Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer

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The Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer is a typical office multifunction printer. It is ideal for personal use or light shared use in today’s modern micro offices. This printer is slightly more expensive when compared to similar models Epson offers, but you pay for the quality and this printer will save you a lot of money on ink.

The ET-4550 has identical features when compared to the Epson Workforce WF-2650, except the Ethernet connector and that this printer does not use ink cartridges. The WorkForce ET-4550 is essentially one of Epson’s first printers that uses ink tanks. You will need bottles of ink which you pour directly into the tanks.

The Epson WorkForce ET-4550 comes with enough ink to print 11,000 monochrome pages or 8,500 colour pages, both yields are based on ISO/IEC standard test pages. If you compare the same number of pages with the WF-2650, it would cost you over £700 worth of ink cartridges, without including the cost of the printer.

Basic Features

The Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer has an Ethernet and USB port, it offers Wi-Fi and a direct internet connection choice.

MFP Features include the ability to print, fax, scan, and copy. 150 sheet capability for paper handling, this is what makes this printer more suited to small office or personal use. But it also includes duplexing.

The Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer supports mobile printing and scanning, once installed on to a network you can print and scan through the cloud. – This is available through Epson connect service.
IOS, Android, phone, tablet and Kindle Fire connection compatible, can be used as an access point to print and scan.

Setting up

The Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer is light in weight and can be easily lifted to move in to place. It’s dimensions are 9.5 x 20.3 x 22 inches, you can easily share a desk with this printer. Setting up the printer is easy, it involves standard set up.

The printer comes with eight bottles of ink, two for each colour. The black ink comes in a slightly larger bottle, 140 ml whilst the other colours come in 70 ml of ink. On the left hand side of the printer there are ink tanks, the sides are translucent which allow you to see how much ink is remaining.

To fill the ink tanks, first prepare the ink bottle by removing the top, peel of the seal and replace the top. Break off the tip from the neck of the bottle. Open the hood of the ink section on the printer, remove the rubber cover and carefully insert the top of the bottles neck in to the opening of the tank. Once you fill the tanks, you can print over a thousand pages before you need to fill the bottles of inks again. The cost of replacing the bottle is the same as any standard cartridge price between £15 -£20.

Print Quality

The quality of printing is better when compared to most Multi-function printers. The printing quality of graphics is more than good enough for business, ideal for hand-outs, creating letter heads and printing out Power Point presentations.

Photo quality is superior when compared to some professional online printers, but your photos may not have a glossy finish because Epson recommends Premium Presentation Paper Matte.

In conclusion, the most attractive aspect of the Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer is the low cost of ink, which will last a long time. But this printer is almost three times more expensive as the Epson WF-2650, if you print over 50 sheets a week. But if you don’t print a lot and want a printing with lasting ink then the Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer is a great option.

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