Ten Terrifying Halloween Craft Projects For Kids

Ten Terrifying Halloween Craft Projects For Kids

It’s FRIGHT NIGHT 2016! So to celebrate, we HAVE compiled our ten favourite creepy craft projects to keep you and your little ghouls busy. Enjoy our Ten Terrifying Halloween Craft Projects For Kids.

Pasta Skeleton

Help your kids bone up on anatomy by making these scary pasta skeletons. All you need is some coloured card, a little clear glue and lots of dried pasta and noodles. You might want to draw the skeleton in pencil before they start sticking, just to give them an outline to follow.

Ghostly necklace

Make yourself a ghost stencil out of some stiff white card. Then draw around your stencil in pencil onto a piece of parchment paper. Next, grab a tube of white glue, and draw over the top of the pencil outlines. Leave it to rest for ten seconds (or so). Then fill in your outline with more white glue.

Let your ghosts dry for two days, then peel them off the parchment paper. Draw on the faces with a felt-tip pen. Then make a small hole at the top and thread through some string or ghastly green ribbon.

Talking pumpkin

First, carve a face into a synthetic pumpkin in exactly the same way you would a real one. Then cut an opening at the bottom big enough to get a baby monitor inside. To make sure no-one can see the unit (and spoil the surprise) use a few drawing pins to tack a piece of black fabric behind the face. Then tell the kids to hide, and speak into the monitor whenever an unsuspecting trick or treater passes by.

Bat garland

All you need is a packet of black, pre-folded crepe paper, some scissors and some sticky tape to make these caped crusaders. Just draw your bat outline across the full width of the paper. Then cut along the line, making sure you leave a bit uncut at each side. And presto, unravel your garland and string them across a doorway or above your fireplace. Use the sticky tape to secure them in place.

I saw a mouse

Where? There on the stair. Where on the stair? Right there. A little mouse cut from black card. Stuck on the riser. Using spray mount, double-sided tape or craft glue. Oh yeah.

Creepy cat candy container

Use a serrated knife to cut the top off a pumpkin. Then let the kids get creative making liquorice shoelace whiskers and pear drop eyes.

Twit two

Make this baby owl using two miniature pumpkins. Secure them together with a skewer. Then take two cocktail sticks, thread a handful of pumpkin seeds followed by a small berry onto each.
Push the cocktail sticks into the pumpkin and fan out the pumpkin seeds to make the eyes. For the crown, use a chrysanthemum flower. And use a whole almond to make the nose.

Pumpkin pouches

Fill these crepe paper pouches with goodies for trick or treaters. They’re super quick and easy to make. Just cut two 10-inch diameter circles out of orange crepe paper. Place one on top of the other and put your treats in the middle. Gather up the edges and secure with a piece of green twine to make the stem.

Scary face fans

Use different coloured card to make these fans. Then get creative with fuzzy felt, stickers, sweets or sequins to make the faces.

Seed necklace

Dry-out your leftover pumpkin seeds and turn them into this sweet, home made necklace.


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