St. Patrick’s Day Crafts You Can Make With Just a Printer

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts You Can Make With Just a Printer

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the Catholic day of Saint Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland and a missionary who is commonly credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. Though it is an official holiday in Ireland, it is celebrated around the world with more secular traditions. This includes consuming green food and drink, wearing green and sometimes giving greetings cards. For those who don’t want to go through the trouble and expense of buying St. Patrick’s Day cards from a shop, there are options available – all from your printer

Traditional cards

St. Patrick’s Day is not as large a card-giving holiday as, say, Valentine’s Day, but there are still many printable cards available online. You can download PDFs that you fold into card sizes, or you can find templates for various sizes of card stock. There are tonnes of designs that are free to print off, like the ones below.

You can download the PDF of a great design here, this cute card uses vintage images to make the card feel a bit more special and unique.

Colouring pages

Of course, you don’t have to give someone a card to express your wishes that they have a happy St. Patrick’s Day. One great alternative is a page that your child has coloured in and added their own greeting. It is a wonderful, personalised gift from a loved one, making it all the more special.

This illustration would be great for younger kids. The lines are bold and fairly easy to colour in, and bright colours will really make the design pop. Both girls and boys will like the picture, and there is a bit of space for any messages they might want to add.  Here are some more we liked.

Cookie Greetings Cards

Finally, if you want to give people something that requires even more time to hand make and that will make a real impact, you can use edible ink to create cookie greetings cards. This does require you to have a printer dedicated solely to printing edible ink images, but you can use just about any new printer model, so long as you have the right edible ink cartridges. Though this will take more effort than the other options, it will make a much bigger impact, so you may find that the extra work is worth it. Here are some great recipes we found online.

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