Shopping tips for Black Friday

Shopping tips for Black Friday

Printerinks have put together a guide to shopping tips for Black Friday. Black Friday has been a popular shopping day in the States for many years, but the annual day of discounts and deals has taken its time getting to the UK. But it’s here now, and it’s a great opportunity for us all to make some massive savings on products (and services) that – to be honest – we were probably going to buy anyway.

The art of a successful Black Friday experience isn’t as straightforward as a trip down the local high street. Although the day is not as intense in the UK as it is in the US, it’s still worth doing a bit of preparation before the day itself to make sure you’re not missing your perfect deal, or wasting your pennies on the wrong product.

Here are our shopping tips for getting the most out of Black Friday in the UK.

Get in the know

Brands want you to spend lots of money with them on Black Friday. The day is actually meant to symbolise the point in the year at which retailers start making a profit – so of course they want you to spend as much with them as possible. However, beware. It can be incredibly tempting to splash out on ‘unmissable’ deals in the heat of the moment, which on reflection, you don’t want, let alone need. And what’s more, thanks to a few tricks employed by brands (eg. Bumping up their prices in the weeks prior to Black Friday to make their discounts look more impressive), the deals may not be all that amazing anyway!

Your best bet is to prepare for Black Friday by setting yourself a budget and writing a considered list of what you actually want to buy. Do your research and make sure to check online reviews of the most expensive items – retailers will be trying to clear lower-quality stock by discounting it. If you stick to those two basic rules, you’re far less likely to wake up on Saturday with more debt than you wanted!

The early bird

Once you know what items you want, and how much money you want spend on them, it’s a good idea to start planning your day. Prioritise your list, and then research at what time each shop opens its doors on the day itself. The higher value items will probably go first, so it’s worth trying to get to those stores as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.

Also, more and more shops seem to be starting their discounts at the beginning of the week leading up to Black Friday, so double check this to make sure you don’t miss out. You don’t want the deal you’ve been waiting for to be sold out just because you waited until the end of the week to make your move! It’s worth signing up to newsletters from your chosen brands, and following them on social media, to make sure you’re not missing any last minute updates.

Watch out for hidden extras

Just like those infamous one penny flights that become more and more expensive as the concealed costs of insurance, baggage, seating etc get added on, beware the hidden extras of Black Friday shopping. Although the initial discounted price might seem hard to resist, keep an eye on things like delivery costs (which might not be revealed until you get to the checkout and can be quite pricey for big ticket items), and warranties. Another pitfall to watch out for is delivery times. If you’re buying presents for Christmas, it’s always worth double checking that a store is able to deliver it in time.

Look online

The arrival and growing popularity of Black Friday in the UK has been matched by the arrival and growing popularity of Cyber Monday – the online version of the day of discounts, which takes place on the following Monday. Once you’ve written your list of shopping items, it’s definitely worth checking online to see what deals will be available then. This is particularly true for those of us who find the thought of racing around shops all day chasing one bargain after another – often in competition with other shoppers – their idea of hell. The chances of you being able to get similar deals from the comfort of your own home is incredibly tempting! Of course, don’t forget to check for delivery costs before you commit to any purchases.

Of course, there are slightly more risks involved in Cyber Monday shopping. Websites can crash under high demand, and the day itself is notorious for its high levels of cyber crime. But as long as you do your research and use your common sense (eg. don’t give out your credit card details unless you’re sure you can trust the online retailer), you should be fine.

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