Why you should enter Printerinks Poetry Competition

Why you should enter Printerinks Poetry Competition

Fancy yourself a budding Emily Dickinson? Or are you already famous, like Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy? Whoever you are, we invite all poets to enter our Printerinks Poetry Competition. This is why you should do it.

You can win £100 worth of Amazon vouchers!

First and foremost, the grand prize: We’re giving the winner Amazon vouchers worth £100. On top of that, the winner’s name and poem will appear in full on our Facebook page, where it can be seen by more than 20,000 people!

Runners-up receive a discount voucher for our website.

If the chance to win a £100 voucher isn’t enough, a select number of runners-up will receive discount vouchers to Printerinks.com. That way, you can get the ink and toner you need to print out and send your poetry to editors and agents, without spending any extra cash.

The theme is ‘New Beginnings’.

This is a lovely, broad theme that can speak to anyone who has ever tried something new, gone on a new adventure, opened a new chapter in their lives, met someone new…

We’ve picked the theme, but it’s up to you to interpret that as you will.

It can be in any style.

Luckily for any experimentalists or traditionalists out there, there are no rules on style, format or tone. Just write about the ‘New Beginnings’ that inspire you in an original English-language poem, and we’ll enjoy it.

But it can’t be more than 45 lines.

The only limit we’re putting on your creativity is length. It can’t exceed 45 lines. That way, 1) you won’t have to write for ages, 2) we’ll have time to properly read and digest all the amazing poetry you’ll send in, and 3) it will fit nicely into a Facebook post.

To enter the competition, simply copy and paste your original English-language poem into an email, and send it to competitions@printerinks.com.

The deadline is 5th May, 2017, and check out our website for more competition rules and details. Good luck, and we can’t wait to see your amazing work!


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