Easter Crafts for the Bank Holiday Weekend

Easter Crafts for the Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank holiday weekends are lovely, aren’t they? All that time with family and friends is just so relaxing. Sometimes, however, you need more than just time together to really enjoy it. That’s why we scoured the internet for the cutest Easter crafts for the Bank Holiday weekend. There are crafts suitable for all ages and crafting abilities, so let’s started.

Easter potato stamps

From Premeditated Leftovers

We all know potatoes make great stamps, but if you choose ones that are a bit oblong, they make great Easter egg stamps. Just carve, coat and print – perfect for all ages!

Pom-pom chicks

From Tesco Living

These cuddly little chicks are just handmade yarn pom-poms and felt details, and they are a good way to keep kids busy. Plus, you can get creative. You can make bunnies, eggs, carrots – whatever you want!

Paper strip silhouettes

From Minted

This craft is wonderful because it’s easy, quick and perfect for all ages. All it takes is lots of strips of paper, some glue and a silhouette cut out of white card. Suddenly you’ve got a Pinterest-worthy work of art in just a few minutes.

Loo roll Easter stamps

From Thoughts from Alice

Stamps are great, because even little ones can enjoy them. Loo roll stamps are even better, because you know you always have an empty roll somewhere. Just shape, stamp and add detail to make Easter cards or art.

Water colour Easter eggs

From Throne & Thimble

Using just nail varnish, some water and a toothpick, you can create some stunning marbled eggs like these. They’re definitely not for hiding!

Egg carton flower wreath

From Homemade Serenity

If we said you can make a cheerful flower wreath from old egg cartons, would you believe us? Well, it takes some time and work, but the payoff is undeniable.

Daffodil windmills

From Nurture Store

Whether you love spring, Easter or Wales, you’ll adore this little craft. You can hand paint the paper and stalk, as they did here, or you can buy coloured card for a more striking look.

With that, you have egg-cellent ideas for crafts you and your family can do over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Have fun, and happy crafting!

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