Cool Christmas decor you can make yourself

Cool Christmas decor you can make yourself

Christmas decorations can be contentious. Do you go all out with traditional red and green glitz and chintz, or do you select a more sophisticated colour palette that let the textures do the talking? Whatever you choose, we can all agree that expensive-looking but cheap decorations you’ve done yourself beat pricey doodads every time. The sense of pride you get when your DIY décor works just like you imagined is unbeatable. So we’re going to look at the of the coolest ideas for Christmas décor that you can do yourself – without blowing out your budget.

The ornament advent calendar

After being inspired by an ornament advent calendar in a magazine, blogger Stephanie Lynn was inspired to create her own version. She is very crafty, so had a lot of the stuff lying around, but you can get everything she mentions from craft shops. Or you can get creative with whatever paints and fabrics you already have.

She has a thin tree that she will be decorating with her son each day of the advent, moving the ornaments from the board to the tree, but you could just leave it as decoration, if you want.

Make your own snow-covered tree

Believe it or not, this is actually a really easy craft. Get an artificial tree and some spray snow. Cover it with spray snow, and let it dry. Decorate it (on A Burst of Beautiful they used a burlap sack and some pinecones), and you’re done.

If you want your tree to stand out more, you can spray paint it a different colour, like hot pink or white, before adding the spray snow. Just be sure to let it dry in between coatings.

Layer holiday candies in a vase

Want a great, last-minute centrepiece? Just get some festive candies and chocolates, and layer them in a vase. Tie with some leftover ribbon, and you’re done. You can check out the Good Housekeeping post for more five-minute centrepiece ideas.

Ready-made hot cocoa

These can be used as gifts or as décor, since they look as good as they taste. The full tutorial is over at How Does She, and it includes a free printable for the tag. But the idea is pretty simple. Get a lovely mug with a screw-top lid, and fill it with the appropriate amount of hot cocoa. You can then layer in other toppings, like the peppermint, chocolate chips and marshmallows you see here. Get some holiday-themed scrap paper and cover the top of the lid, and close it all up.

Then, all your gift recipient (or you) have to do is add hot water or milk and stir. Boom: instant cosiness in the middle of winter.

Get a Christmas branch

This one feels a little ambitious, so we saved it for last. Apparently a big trend for interior decorators is the Christmas branch, a sort of rustic yet festive chandelier hanging over the dining table. You select a big, strong branch and suspend it from the ceiling to the height you want. Then you decorate it with fairy lights, baubles and perhaps a few bits of foliage to create a stunning focal point for your holiday meals.

These ten ideas for cool Christmas décor you can make yourself run the gamut from traditional and a bit silly to modern and Instagram-ready. Of course, how you decorate your home depends on the kind of Christmas you want to have, so don’t worry too much about impressing everyone else. After all, having the best, most cheerful holiday season for you is the coolest thing to do this year.

Happy holidays!


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