09 April, 2010

Recycling Ink is Twice as Nice

Japanese Ink Cartridge Brands Make Recycling Twice As Nice With UNEP Donations

Here at Printerinks.com we run a Recycling programme through which you can contribute your empty cartridges. For every one you contribute we give you a pound – and we use your cartridges to create our top value remanufactured products. Recycling your cartrtridges is free to you – and it means together we can make a greener Planet Earth!

Of course, the ink cartridges you can contribute are originally manufactured through major brands – including Hewlett Packard and Lexmark. These brands maintain recycling schemes also – except they don’t give their customer anything for their efforts. Even riskier, there’s no guarantee the ink cartridges are really recycled.

The situation is a little different in Japan. There, major brands including Epson and Canon collaborate to encourage ink cartridge recycling among the Japanese public. The joint endeavour – called the Ink Cartridge Homecoming Project – runs in 3,639 post offices and local government buildings across Japan. Like the UK though, the public receive no compensation for their donations – that’s something only Printerinks.com provides.

Recently though these ink cartridge brands in Japan have redoubled their commitment to recycling. For every ink cartridge donated by the public, they donate 3 Yen (just over 2 pence) to the United Nations Environmental Programme. Projects like protecting biodiversity and reducing pollution receive a significant boost from this gesture.

Presently this scheme is restricted to Japan. Yet people seriously concerned about the environment could petition manufacturers to expand the Homecoming Project! This might not only encourage more people to recycle, but achieve added environmental benefit for UNEC. Alternately of course, you can take advantage of our existing recycling programme and get £1 for every cartridge – at Printerinks.com.

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