31 March, 2010

Visconti Releases Pen Made with Lava

The designers at Florence company Visconti Pens must expect a clientele of secret agents. How else to explain the shatter proof pen they’re releasing that’s built with lava?

The new fountain pen endures boiling liquids up to 300C, and features a palladium nib - a substitute for white gold. It contains no alloys. These traits make the Visconti lava pen a calligrapher dream come true, according to the press release:

“You will feel like you are writing on a cloud. We call the experience of writing with our palladium nib, Dreamtouch™ because it's like writing on air."*

The Visconti lava pen is part of the Homo Sapiens range, with available nibs ranging from Extra Fine to Stub. The fountain pen retails for $595, though a pencil version costs $345. What Visconti charges for lava cartridges is not stated.

*Of course, the unauthorised experience of Dreamtouch might result in legal action. Writers unsure if the fluidity of their fountain pen infringes on Visconti’s trademark should consult their solicitor.

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  1. A strange an interesting novelty in the growing paperless world!