25 March, 2010

PrePeat Prints On Same Sheet 1,000 Times

Fans of the TV show ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ might find themselves misty-eyed watching this printer. Paper enters the Japanese PrePeat wearing one outfit (sort of) and leaves wearing another – caked in mascara and warbling Elton John.

If only.

In fact the PrePeat doesn’t make karaoke singers out of documents – but does reprint them up to 1,000 times. Thanks to a thermal printer head and heat-sensitive plastic paper, instead of traditional printer paper, documents are erased and reprinted – using a single sheet.

Any softwood trees in the audience shouldn't relax yet though. The PrePeat leaves a $5,517 sized crater in your savings account, while 1,000 sheets add insult to injury at $3,300. Better break out the piggy bank if you plan to become the Matthew Kelly of office peripherals.

[Via Popsci.com]

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